Worksheet T1: Travel to and from the local area

Getting the following information will help provide insights into how to might be possible to influence the way people travel to and from the area.

Part 1 Travel by car Edit

Q 1 Travel from West Malling

What is the distance and travel time from the town to:
a.The network of dual carriageway roads
b.The least and most accessible villages

(Worksheets EC1 Q2; EC4 Q14,17; EC7 Q7 also refer to travel)

Starting points for information: The Local Transport Plan, Local maps

  • West Malling
a)To M20 Distance 1 mile travelling time 4 – 6 minutes

b)Least / Most Accessible Villages

  • Trottiscliffe Least accessible 3.5 Miles travelling time 6-8 Minutes;
  • Offham Most accessible 1.5 Miles travelling time 4 Minutes

Peak time road conditions means that these optimum times can be exceeded due to new A228 / A20 Traffic Light Priorities

Q 2 Travel by car

What is the distance and average travel time by car to the nearest neighbouring large town, from:
a.The town itself
b.The most accessible village within the surrounding countryside
c.The least accessible village within the surrounding countryside

Starting points for information: Travel time surveys, Local transport partnership

To Maidstone

a)West Malling to Maidstone 7 Miles @ 14-20 Minutes

b)Offham to Maidstone 9 Miles @ 17 Minutes

c)Trottiscliffe to Maidstone 10 Miles @ 18 - 25 Minutes

To Tonbridge

a)West Malling to Tonbridge 10 Miles @ 18 Minutes

b)Offham to Tonbridge 10 Miles @ 18 Minutes

c)Trottiscliffe to Tonbridge 13.2 Miles @ 22 Minutes

Peak time road conditions means that these optimum times can be exceeded especially with new A228 / A20 Traffic Lights

Q 3 Highway network improvements

a.What improvements are planned for the local/regional highway network in your Area?
b.What are the proposed timescales?

(Worksheets EN1 Q9; EC7 Q7,16 S7 Q2 also refer to transport access. Worksheets EN1 Q7,14, EC6 Q 1,8,9; S2; S5 Q10 also refer to development)

Starting points for information: District Council and County Council (Local Transport Plan and the Regional Transport Strategy)

a)A228 West Malling Bypass recently completed with access to West Malling Station; additional parking at station in plan. Seven Mile Lane speed limits introduced between Addington to Mereworth. Traffic management underway in Leybourne yet to be scoped for hinterland E.,G. in roads in and around Mereworth

b)The Schedule for these changes to complete is YE 2007- But new A20 Junction to Leybourne Grange now being proposed

There is evidence from local businesses that these improvements have reduced passing visitor numbers. Also during the improvements “rat running” through the villages increased. This continues as parking improvements at the station have yet to be implemented, causing commuters to come into the outskirts of West Malling to park.