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Bus - see Travel

Business - see Local business support

Citizen Journalism

  • Participatory journalism SCA, Citizen Journalism W

Communities online

  • Communities online UK SCA, Communities online UK resources SCA, Communities online UK news SCA

Community resources

Community safety, see also Neighbourhood Watch


Cycling - see Travel


Environment quality

  •, site includes a search to help you find your nearest group, and extensive advice and information to help you take action
  • Environment quality UK SCA


  • Flood information from the Environment agency, includes a 'Risk of Flooding', Flood Map searchable by postcode or placename.

Food and drink

High Streets

Local business support

Local needs met locally

Neighbourhood watch, see also Community safety

Plastic bag

  • Plastic bag SCA


  • Landscape Matters, group based in Kent formed in response to concerns about the impact on the landscape of the increasing use of polytunnels.
  •, site maintained by 'Landscape Matters' a group of people who live in and around the village of West Peckham in Kent and beyond who have become increasingly concerned about the spread of polytunnels in the area.

Public tranpsort - see Travel

Reduce, reuse, repair & recycle

Representative democracy

  •, Contact your Councillors, MP, or MEPs for free (found by entering your postcode). Site built by mySociety.


Walking see Travel




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