Farmers' market, West Malling, Kent, England, May
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Malling Action Partnership, or MAP, is a community-based partnership, launched 3 April 2006, that has undertaken a Market Towns Initiative 'health check' in the market town of West Malling (Kent, England) and its hinterland. A health check is just a detailed look at local services and seeing if they provide all the things that people who live in, work in, or visit the town, need and want.

The health check includes a community-developed vision for the future of West Malling as a market town, and an action plan. MAP will help advance community-chosen most-needed projects.

Project groups Edit

As of September 2010, there are three project groups concerned with Local food, Transport, and Events.

Healthcheck report Edit

An illustrated online version of the report is included here on our wiki pages - click on the following link to go to first page - MAP Action plan 2009-2011. Comment welcome, for example via talk pages (accessed via discussion tabs)

The report's Full contents includes, for example, a Description of West Malling and its surrounding area, details of the Partnership, and a list of Actions Required

Other MAP articles Edit

A - Z of other articles here. These include a MAP general comments page - use this page to write comments about living, working, shopping, getting around, etc. in West Malling and its surrounding villages.

Contact MAP Edit


July 2010

  • Social Spaces offer of free workshops

Hi, this looks good to me and wondering if could be useful to MAP's development? :
Regards, Phil Green, West Malling resident and founder Malling Online
Ps I have no financial connection with! (draft of email to, Trudy Dean, 23 7 2010)

  • Kate Mair, MAP Project Coordinator. Phone: 01795 478 401. Email:
  • MAP Co-ordinator - Keith Bullard, talk -
  • MAP Chair - Trudy Dean, talk -
  • advice / help re using this wiki - Philralph, talk

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