You need to consider what the information you have gathered tells you in the light of these questions: Write your answers here. Base them on the information you have gathered: Conclusion
KEY: F = It's a fact, S = strength, W = weakness, O = opportunity, T = threat, M = need more info
What plans are there to resolve traffic 'hot spots'? SUMMARY MAP Area Parishes (West Malling; Mereworth; Offham; Ryarsh; & Birling) have implemented – Speedwatch and a Dedicated Joint Parish Councils Transport Consultative Group JPCTCG to assess and identify “hot spots” F S O
Are there accident ‘black spots’ where there is a need to introduce safety measures to protect pedestrians and cyclists?
  • A number of West Malling residents have identified need for a the crossing at South End of High Street by Doctors Surgery
  • West Malling Traffic Speeds at the 20 MPH Zone Boundary on Townhill indicate need for a crossing there
  • St Leonards Hamlet needs traffic calming particularly in Manor Park; by Tower and approaches to these areas; traffic speeds well in excess of 30 MPH have been recorded, and there are frequent accidents!
  • Mereworth - Possibly the junction of The Street and Malling road – There is a definite accident ‘black spot’
SUMMARY – “Black Spots” identified but contention / competition with other areas has prevented progress in fixing them W T
Are there any opportunities to increase bus access and circulation in the town centre? West Malling – town has a wide marketplace so scope exists for improvements to allow more bus access F S
Mereworth - not in the village centre – minibuses could gain popularity if deployed in Butchers Lane area W O
Offham - NO F W O
SUMMARY – Access and circulation OK for West Malling F W O
Are there opportunities to extend pedestrian prioritisation in the shopping areas? West Malling – Yes crossings at either ends of Town Hill and High Street areas of the town c.f. “Black Spots F W O
SUMMARY – requests / petitions for crossings to slow traffic / improve pedestrian access & security requested W O
Is it easy for people, including those with disabilities, to find their way around town? West Malling more dropped kerbs put in place in last 18 months but still room for improvement in specific areas F O
SUMMARY: - Hinterland villages are small so no major issues; West Malling services are based around the central street. F
How could the network of footpaths and cycle routes be improved for all sectors of the community? Mereworth – difficult most traffic discouraged from using village centre F O
SUMMARY :- Improved signs on footpath would assist and consideration to be given to upgrade footpaths (some) to cycle paths W O
Do the cycle paths and footpaths connect places that people wish to go to? Mereworth N/A no cycle paths in village centre F
SUMMARY :- many of the old footpaths and bridleway links between villages still exist; so yes its possible to walk not cycle easily around W O
In what ways could dedicated/segregated cycle routes and footpaths linking residential areas to the town centre and to local schools be improved? SUMMARY: - Main Roads and Country Lanes are unsuitable for such “Cycle Route Improvement” due to volume & speed of traffic.

Thus routes would need to be created by upgrading existing interconnections E.G. along footpaths between Offham & West Malling & Kings Hill etc.