You need to consider what the information you have gathered tells you in the light of these questions: Write your answers here. Base them on the information you have gathered: Conclusion
KEY: F = It's a fact, S = strength, W = weakness, O = opportunity, T = threat, M = need more info
To what extent is the car the predominant form of transport to and from the area? MAP Area Car ownership 5% higher than National Average. F
Hinterland Villages - the car is the major form of transport – and this is causing major parking problems in West Malling for Visitors & Commuters alike in the Town and at Station. F W
Car parking at Bus Stops makes buses late and makes bus travel less attractive
Are there definable user-groups or usage patterns for car-users and for the different public transport services? COMMUTERS – large numbers of commuters into and out of Kings Hill Business & Residential developments rat-running the Hinterland village roads particularly for East - West journeys – North - South is using A228 Bypass F W T
PARENTS ON SCHOOL RUNS – to popular local schools in Offham; Mereworth; West Malling & Kings Hill generate traffic from the outlying hinterland. In addition cars used to meet connecting buses to Maidstone & Tonbridge. The school ahs implemented two “Walking Buses” and these are proving increasingly popular. F W O
BUSINESS / COMMERCIAL USERS – significant number of small businesses in West Malling generates traffic with the 100+ Business Car Park regularly full. F O
SHOPPERS & VISITORS – West Malling’s unique shops and its Restaurants & Pubs generate traffic during the day and in the evenings. Again this puts Parking in Town at a Priority F W O
SUMMARY = Improvement in parking situation needed, encourage people to use public transport and decrease commuter and worker use of free visitor parking W O
How easy is it to change between train and coach and/or bus services? West Malling Railway Station The Bus / Train changes operate well on the A228 Route & Access to the station and will improve with time (321 Bus) F S
Most of the hinterland have excellent links, two local villages E.G. Mereworth and Offham are not easily connectable to West Malling Station via Bus to Kings Hill ASDA & 123 to Station. F
Are waiting times for bus/train connecting services acceptable SUMMARY:- 123 BUS in particular coincides with Trains at West Malling – getting Buses from Hinterland Villages is problem W O
Do public transport services meet local needs? The area is well served by train and buses, however there is a lack of easily accessible timetable information for all services - several different bus companies provide services and there is no integrated Travel Guide so that people can plan journeys effectively F W O
The accessibility of Bus Stops in areas like Mereworth around ‘Herne Pound’ at the junction of Beech Road and Butchers Lane. The nearest bus stops are over a mile away and only accessible by roads that have no footpaths at all. W O
SUMMARY:- Need for a Travel Guide so that car users can transfer to public transport with confidence W O
What plans are there to improve the highway network or public transport services? A228 bypass upgrade around Leybourne & West Malling has capability to improve access to station and increased parking facilities for vehicles at West Malling rail station are planned F S T
Capability from the A228 Upgrade is that it also provides for speedier access for buses and taxis on this road to the West Malling Station F S
The Threat is that this A228 improvement may not be sufficient to accommodate new planned developments at Leybourne; Kings Hill and Holborough. T
Also the engineering of the A20 Junction onto the A228 Bypass has not eased the East / West Rat Running via West Malling & Hinterland W O
SUMMARY:- major expenditure on A228 has not yet reduced rat running – car parking improvements at station now needed W O T
Are there key routes for travel to and from the area? From West Malling
  • A228 provides access to M20, A26, and A20.
  • A20/M20 access also connects to M26 / M25 Motorways and A25 Sevenoaks
  • Multiple Routes to Maidstone via M20; A20; A26 depending on final destination
  • A228 – A26 links to Tonbridge and Paddock Wood
  • Hinterland - A26 Maidstone and Tonbridge; B2016 Wrotham Heath and A20.
SUMMARY :- The Threat is whether improvements to roads will cope with traffic from new housing developments T