You need to consider what the information you have gathered tells you in the light of these questions: Write your answers here. Base them on the information you have gathered: Conclusion
KEY: F = It's a fact, S = strength, W = weakness, O = opportunity, T = threat, M = need more info
How important is tourism spending and tourism-related employment to the local economy? Tourism does not figure high on West Malling business agenda W O
How vulnerable is the local economy to seasonal variations in tourism? West Malling Town local economy not heavily dependent on tourism W O
How do historical employment rates and business stocks in tourism related services, such as hotels and catering, compare with regional and national averages over the last 3-5 years? Employment rates not dependent on tourism related industry but local nearby Hotels might take different view S M
Is visitor activity concentrated mainly within the town itself or within the hinterland? The town attracts many visitors both day to day and particularly to events. However the Farmers Market is starting to lose demand and events lack coordination and support from a broad base of businesses and community groups. W O
How good are the transport links into the town and to tourist attractions? Transport links good – Parking is weakness could be counteracted by “Coach Ride and Park @ Local Hotels or drop off points S W O
What Tourism information sources there are in the area, and how well used are they? Tourism to West Malling poorly promoted both by T&MBC and Kent Tourist Office W O
Do the town and its hinterland have adequate parking facilities for both residents and visitors? No – potential to encourage greater turnover with 2 hour free parking, plus better signage to parking for visitors W T