You need to consider what the information you have gathered tells you in the light of these questions: Write your answers here. Base them on the information you have gathered: Conclusion
KEY: F = It's a fact, S = strength, W = weakness, O = opportunity, T = threat, M = need more info
How have vacancy levels for commercial properties changed in the last three years? Few properties remain empty for long, but the mix of Retail & Services is becoming biased rather biased towards Restaurant & Food Premises
Are existing commercial and industrial firms planning to expand? Expansion is largely at the nearby Kings Hill Business Park – which has scope for large modern office facilities – W.Malling does benefit from lack of certain services and shop types at K.Hill S O
Are there sufficient premises at affordable rents for new small businesses, and for businesses that want to expand? Commercial Premises Space is at a premium in West Malling so more replacement type changes rather than expansion – so Kings Hill is the expansion site W
What is the overall demand for, and gaps in the provision of, different types of commercial and industrial property. Take into consideration size and age of available property. No local gaps