You need to consider what the information you have gathered tells you in the light of these questions: Write your answers here. Base them on the information you have gathered: Conclusion
KEY: F = It's a fact, S = strength, W = weakness, O = opportunity, T = threat, M = need more info
How much of the local shopping provision is in the town centre, out-of-town centre or in the villages? 2003 Parking study (and trend continues) suggests that W.Malling is used mainly for “Top-Up” shopping and specialised services – Strong local competition is from larger supermarkets located in surrounding MAP Area W T
Are there any obvious gaps or shortages in provision of different types of shops and services? No local Fresh Fishmonger; Butcher; Bakery or Greengrocers – all these are supplied through Metro Supermarket, hence no competition. Local Farm shops also fill this gap and the Monthly Farmer’s Market addresses some of this issue but could be strengthened if it were weekly W O T
How effective is the use of retail floor space? Few premises remain empty for long. F
Has the town centre has become a more or less attractive location for retail development? Centre is less attractive in Retail Terms with recent closures of Insurance; Bakers; Wine Merchant; Antiques & Repairs; and Travel Agent being replaced by Restaurants / Coffee Bar / Estate Agents -- W.Malling now called Restaurant Capital of Kent. Parish Council have lobbied Borough Council to use planning consent to prevent change of use from retail to restaurant premises W T
If there is commercial demand for additional retail floor space? Commercial Floor Space is in demand but mainly for Restaurant / Coffee / Wine Bar - this trend has lead to discussions between Parish & Borough Councillors as to how trend could be changed W T
What is retail confidence like? Retail confidence until recent economic situation was optimistic however this may now change W T
Are the local provision and/or livestock markets vulnerable to closure No local livestock market so N/A. But local monthly Farmers Market in decline W T