You need to consider what the information you have gathered tells you in the light of these questions: Write your answers here. Base them on the information you have gathered: Conclusion
KEY: F = It's a fact, S = strength, W = weakness, O = opportunity, T = threat, M = need more info
Are industries in the town in the growth sectors of the regional economy? Are the skills needs of these sectors being met? Range of sectors, some skills gaps that are not being met in the town W
How does the health of the local economy compare with other towns and the regional economy as a whole? High employment and average earnings – relatively strong. S
Is there any significant cluster of businesses in the town (for example, tourism, specialist retailing, and engineering) and why is the town attracting these businesses? Specialist shops and Farmer’s Market (Local Farm Shops involved), restaurants and café’s. Town retains its character as a Market Town, but needs to retain a balance of specialist shops and food shopping versus restaurants and estate agents. S O
What significant skills shortages or recruitment problems are existing businesses experiencing? None
What is the mix of generic and sector-specific skills that local employers most value and most need to help their business? Communication, customer service, team working, technical and practical skills, problem solving. W
Can local people access training locally that will improve general skills levels in the community and work to the benefit of local businesses and the local economy? Yes S
What delivery agencies, trainers, and infrastructure bodies are active in the town? What facilities are available in the town that could provide a venue for local delivery of information, skills training, etc? None in the town but many in the area. There is a gap for small business training on generic skills – retail skills. Could be delivered in local venues – Village Hall, Clout Institute, pub function rooms, cafes. W
Where are decisions made about the provision of training opportunities within the town? By whom are these decisions made? There is no local input to training provision in the town – LSC make decisions county wide, and colleges for their catchment area. W