You need to consider what the information you have gathered tells you in the light of these questions: Write your answers here. Base them on the information you have gathered: Conclusion
KEY: F = It's a fact, S = strength, W = weakness, O = opportunity, T = threat, M = need more info
Is unemployment a significant issue locally? No S
Are there are any recent trends in long term unemployment? Downward and low S
Is the town a dormitory town or has it a significant employment role? 70% of people work locally with 30% working out of the area S
Is local employment particularly dependent on specific industry sectors and /or on a small number of large employers? Very good spread of employment opportunities S
Is employment growth within only some industry sectors or spread more widely? Growth is well spread S
How much confidence is there within the business sector? Generally good – some concerns about potential loss of consumer confidence, however many local employers are public sector so less worried about this. S
Is the number of jobs available locally increasing or decreasing? Jobs are increasing S
What opportunities are there for job creation from the expansion of existing local firms? Local firms remaining steady – less opportunity for expansion
How vigorous is the local economy - based on new business start-ups / closures? New businesses being attracted in as Kings Hill continues to grow – brings in supplier businesses to support, also ‘000s new houses being built, will also attract new businesses to support the new population S