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Number Of Bus Stations

West Malling doesn’t have a bus station as such, but the wide “market area” in the High Street, provides a useful turning point for quite large buses and serves as a terminus for a number of Bus Routes into the town from the Maidstone and Tonbridge directions.

Bus Route Services From Villages To Train Stations

Currently the Nu-Venture bus operates a regular bus service to and from West Malling Station via West Malling High Street from Kings Hill, Mondays to Fridays starting at 06:00 and running till 20:41. The Service is synchronized with the Train arrivals and departures.

The recently opened new A228 dual carriageway will from December provide an access route for buses and taxis to the station, and will enable bus services to run through the station for the first time.

ARRIVA buses have announced that from 4th December 2006 they will be rerouting the 72, 76 and 151 bus services to run between the A20/A228 junction and West Malling High Street via the bypass, West Malling Station and Swan Street. This will provide 3 journeys an hour in each direction giving new bus service links to the station from surrounding residential areas. However, there will be a reduced service from Town Hill (about 1 bus an hour) as a result of the rerouting of these services.

Bus Routes/Services Serving Town And Surrounding Countryside

Following are the Bus Companies serving West Malling and its hinterland taken from their Web Site Information.

Operator Number Route Information Timetable Information
Nu-Venture 53 West Peckham-Mereworth-Kings Hill- West Malling Tu & Fri
Nu-Venture 123 Kings Hill- West Malling-West Malling Station M-F

Number Of Train Stations

West Malling has only one station, which also serves the neighbouring areas. Housing and business developments in the West Malling hinterland (particularly Kings Hill) has resulted in this station having one of the highest passenger growth rates in the South East. However, the shortage of parking at the station has resulted in commuters resorting to using other nearby stations (e.g. Borough Green) as an alternative. There are plans to provide a further 280 parking spaces at the station in the near future.

Number Of Coach Parks

There is no coach park facility in West Malling. Lack of this facility would impact any program to develop tourism further in the area. It is just possible that a small part of the existing Manor Park car park might be utilised for this purpose. Such a proposition would need appropriate controls and agreement with Park Authorities etc.

Percentage Of Households Without A Car

The table, below taken from shows percentage West Malling households without a car. The average for all parishes in the Malling Action Partnership (MAP) Area was 13.1% about 1 in 8 households, that is those households relying on Public Transport. Whilst Offham (7%) & Kings Hill (2%) are at lower end of households without cars, West Malling (22.1%) at the higher end probably due to higher number of residential care homes.

Location or Area Total Households Percentage No Car Households Approx. Number of Cars
West Malling 1,035 22.1% 800
MAP Area 9,324 13.1% 8100
Tonbridge & Malling District 43,735 15.6% 36,000
Kent County Council 546,742 21.6% 430,000
South East Region 3,287,489 19.4% 2.6 Million
England 20,451,427 26.8% 15 Million

Private transport Edit

Parking In West Malling

This initial data was taken from the PBA Local Parking Study conducted in 2003.

West Malling Location Legal Parking Spaces Disabled Bays
"Tesco" Short Term Car park 126 9
"Central" - On Street 165 0
"Central" - Residential 168 1
"New Town” Residential 555 1
“Town Hill“ Long Term 100 2
Totals 1114 13

Number of short-stay car parking spaces in the town

This study identified 126 Parking spaces (up to 4 hours) in “Tesco Car Park”, with on street parking (up to 2 hours) easily accessible to visitors / shoppers in the “central town area” (High St; King St; Swan St; Tower Hill) accounting for a further 165 places. The “New Town” mainly residential area, accounted for area a further 555 spaces and other residential areas including Churchfields; Meadow Bank; Neville Court; Frog Lane; Ryarsh Lane providing a further 168 spaces. So short stay parking spaces in total were 1014 in this PBA study. There are no parking fees time limits are enforced by parking wardens.

Number of long-stay car parking spaces in the town

A residents and “long term” business parking permit scheme is in operation. The “Town Hill” long term car park accounted for 100 spaces.

Number of disabled car parking spaces in the town

A total of 13 disabled parking bays. Other parking spaces close to town The Manor Park in St Leonard’s St. has a relatively small car park estimated at 25 to 35 spaces about 600 yards from the Town Centre. The existing Railway Parking, which is subject to parking charges, is also about 500 yards from the centre.

Number Of Cycle Paths

There are no cycle paths in the West Malling area at present although it is understood that one will be designated from Kings Hill to West Malling station along the A228 route

Journey Times By Car And Public Transport To Nearest Large Town Or City

This section compares CAR; BUS and TRAIN journeys to major shopping destinations Average Journey Times From West Malling Minutes

To Location Road Distance Miles Car Train # Bus *
London Victoria 36 56 50 115*
Maidstone East 10 16 9 30
Tonbridge 18 10 60 37
Tunbridge Wells 19 26 58 60
Bluewater - Dartford 23 26 85 90*
Shopping Centre Aylesford 8 13 N/A 22
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