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Use this page to add any general comments and to give us you views about living in, working in or visiting West Malling and its surrounding communities. What it is you like about the West Malling area, what you feel may be under threat, what opportunties there are for improving local quality of life, etc.

If you want to read a little about the background to the project first, there's more via our main page.


Your general comments Edit

It would be helpful if, after your comment , you could let us know what age range you are in and your postcode. Please respect other people's comments - do NOT delete other comments, or uneccesarily edit them - if you disagree with a particular comment you are welcome to add your own view to the list, as of course you are if you would like to support a particular comment.

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More specific comments Edit

We are interested to find out people's views about more specific questions. There are some examples below. Please add your comments below each heading. To see what other people have said in response to these questions see MAP environment forum October 31 2006

Environmental issues Edit

What are the main environmental issues facing West Malling and its surrounding communities?

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Protecting and enhancing countryside surrounding West Malling Edit

How best can the countryside surrounding West Malling be protected and enhanced?

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Quality of life in and around West Malling Edit

What would most improve quality of life for the people who live in, work in or visit West Malling and its surrounding villages?

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Could West Malling become a low carbon community? Edit

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