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Malling Action Partnership - MAP

Panel 2. What is Malling Action Partnership? Edit

Malling Action Partnership, or MAP, is a community-based partnership, launched 3 April 2006, to undertake a Market Towns Initiative 'health check' in the market town of West Malling (Kent, England) and its hinterland. A health check is just a detailed look at local services and seeing if they provide all the things that people who live in, work in, or visit the town, need and want.

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Panel 4. How will MAP help West Malling and surrounding villages? Edit

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Panel 6. Finding out more Edit

MAP website - or just 'Google' Malling Action Partnership

MAP contacts

  • MAP Co-ordinator - Keith Bullard - NEWMARKCCKMB (at)
  • MAP Chair - Trudy Dean - trudy.dean (at)
  • West Malling Parish Council Clerk - Carole D'Silva - carole.wmpc (at)
  • Action with Communities in Rural Kent - Richard Backhouse - Richard.Backhouse (at)

MAP working groups

  • Environment - Chair: Phil Green - phil (at)
  • Transport and Accessibility - Chair: Norman Kemp - nuventurecoachesltd (at)
  • Social and community - Chair: Molly Potts - robert.vago (at)
  • Economic - Chair: Sash Luck - theoldclockshop (at)