Sub-Section 3: What does our town offer tourists? Edit

Q6. Activities

a.What are the main tourist or visitor activities in the town or nearby?

b.Are there any specialist tourism enterprises, such as language schools or conference centres that may encourage people to visit the area? If so, what proportion of visitors use these facilities?

Consider both major activities (for example, festivals, sports events, key landmarks, etc), and smaller scale activities (for example, footpaths, cycle ways/cycle hire, etc).

a.No discernable specific main tourist activities – a number of small activities such as WW2 History, Golf; Malling Abbey and Abbey Retreat program; Norman Keep St Leonard’s Tower; Town & Ghost walks all bring a trickle of visitors in addition to Malling Day; Xmas Lights; Heritage Days; Open Gardens and Farmers Market.

b.No specific facilities or support from T&MBC E.G. language schools, but there are small rooms that can be rented for a conference

Q7. What are the transport links

a.To the town in the first instance (for example, road and rail)

b.For visitors once they have arrived (for example, buses, and hire cars)?

Consider whether there are viable alternatives to private cars.

(Worksheets EN1 Q10; S3 Q1,4; T1; T2; T3 also refer to public transport or travel)

In general

a)Good Rail & Road Links

b)Bus services limited – no immediate local car hire

c)Long Term Parking an issue – at present free but being reviewed by the borough council – businesses feel 4 hours is too long and could be reduced to 2 hours to encourage more turnover

Q8. How accessible is the town and its facilities for people with disabilities?

(Worksheets T3 also refers to disability issues)

A great deal of work undertaken on facilities for disabled E.G. street ramps – some work still to be done and a number of shops don’t have disabled access.

Q9. What is the range and capacity of accommodation available with respect to these grades:


Guest House



Caravan and camping

Youth hostels

Bunkhouse barns

Bed and Breakfast

  • W Malling 5
  • E Malling 1

No Guest Houses

Hotels good facilities close by not in the Town: Larkfield Hotel, Leybourne Hotel, Wrotham 2 Hotels

Self Catering

No caravan or camping sites

No youth hostel

No Barns

Q10. Competitions

a.Does the town enter any national competitions, such as 'Britain in Bloom'?

b.Do the surrounding villages enter the 'Best Kept Village'?

(Worksheets EN1; EN2; EN3; S3 Q7,11 also refer to environmental quality)

West Malling enters Kent Best Kept Village competition

W Malling does not enter the Britain in Bloom competition

Q11. Food directory

Is there a local food directory for the town and surrounding hinterland?

a.How is it produced?

b.Who is it distributed to?

c.How often is it updated?

(Worksheets EN2 Q13; EN3 Q5; S5 Q9 also refer to food)

No specific directory – a number of local Food Directories operate with advertising or reference for a fee – Local Restaurants also advertise on Internet.