Sub-section: Vocational & Adult Learning Opportunities Edit

Q 6 Do local training organizations provide vocational work based training that reflect the needs of local residents and employers?

Compare training areas with local employment opportunities.

There are 3 FE Colleges in the Area – Mid Kent, West Kent and Hadlow College (Land Based) plus the Kent Institute of Art and Design. Additionally the three local secondary schools 6th Forms offer a number of vocational qualifications.

Q 7 What non-vocational courses are provided locally and how easy is it for people to access a wide range of courses.

The FE colleges offer courses to adults both for employment and pleasure. Additionally the University of Greenwich offers courses. Holmesdale School is a Kent Adult Education Centre offering a range of courses.

Sub-section: IT-supported learning Edit

Q 8 How many public Internet learning and access points are there within the town and its hinterland?

Find out the number of Internet points available in the towns and the surrounding villages per head of population. For example, are there Internet points within a telecottage, electronic village hall, telecentre, internet café, library or school?

There are a number of Learndirect Centres in the area, although none in the town itself.

Q 9 What proportion of households has Internet access at home, work or school/ other educational establishments?

Local survey required. Given the average income and age groups in the area it is likely to be above average.

Q 10 Is there a local community ICT group?

(Worksheets EN2 Q11; EN3 Q1; S4; S6 also refer to community involvement)