Worksheet EC7: Tourism and visitor services

Sub Section 1: Who are our visitors? Edit

Q1 .How many visitors come to the area each year?

Consider: Day visitors, Overnight visitors, Longer stay visitors

(Worksheets S1 Q8 also refers to visitors and tourism)

Visitors come for

Town Malling Day, Christmas Lights Switch on; National Heritage Open Days attract day visitors

Probably Passing thru or local golfing events attract overnight

Little evidence of long stay tourism in Town/Village because bigger hotels outside Town

Q2. Visitor activity

a.Is visitor activity susceptible to seasonal peaks and troughs?

b.If yes, when do these occur, and why?

Compare visitor numbers and employment rates at different times of the year.

(Worksheets S1 Q4 also refers to employment)

Very little promotion of W.Malling a tourist centre – so little statistics on visitor numbers or seasonal changes. Visitors could be attracted to the town with better promotion and a coordinated approach between businesses, Parish Council, and active local groups involved in events plus liaison with events managers at English Heritage and the Open Garden Scheme

Sub Section 2: What do tourists want? Edit

Q3. Where do visitors go during their visit?

Many unique and historic buildings E.G. St Mary’s Abbey, St Leonard’s Tower, Church, Manor Park, Monks House, The Clout Institute ( Freda Barton Photo Collection ), Baptist Church, St Mary the Virgin Church, Pilsdon Community,

The Town Walk Brochure highlights at least 20 very historic Buildings

Q4. What do visitors do during their visit?

Look at, for example, whether they go shopping, visit tourist attractions, do sport, visit friends/relatives, etc.

Visitors tend to be for “Top Up” shopping and specific services: Doctors, Dentists; Vets etc. plus attending events and Farmer’s Market

Q5. How much money do visitors spend in the town and the surrounding area?

Visitors to Kent do not spend much money in general. In the town visitors spend their money in the shops and Farmer’s Market, at the services and pubs/restaurants and café’s. There is no coordination of offer between the attractions, shops, services and hospitality on offer - the average visitor could be attracted to visit all of these in one visit