Worksheet EC2: Business support

Q 1. What services are offered to businesses by local bank branches?

NAT WEST Bank with full range of banking services,

NATIONWIDE Bank/ Building Society with full range of its services,

POST OFFICE with a full range of its services

Q 2. Which of the following organisations have a presence in the town?

Small Business Service Business Link Chambers of Trade or Commerce Learning and Skills Council Enterprise Agency Local food network/partnership or farm advisory service

(Worksheets EN2 Q15,16; EN3 Q5; also refer to land-based industries)

There is no business support for small retail business only reduced business rates for small village shops.

Business Link and LSC located at Kings Hill – however both organisations have moved to regional structure and predominantly offer web based information and advice

There is a town Chamber of Commerce

There is a BCC accredited Kent Invicta Chamber that covers the area, but no local businesses are members

Q 3. How well used are business support agencies such as:

Business Link Operator Business Links Chambers of Trade or Commerce Learning and Skills Council Enterprise Agency FRA/National Association of Farmers’ Markets

In a typical month Business Link handled 362 contacts from the ME19 area, out of 15200 for the whole of Kent (2% of all contacts). This included a large number of seminar bookings, but also included some business start up training and business advisor visits to assist existing businesses. Business Link Kent 2003

Q 4.

a.What previous business support or initiatives have been available/been used?

b.What is the evidence of these initiatives proving successful?

No specific initiatives have been run in the MAP area

Q 5. If the town has a town centre manager, town centre forum or similar partnership organisation, who are they?

If there is more than one town centre manager, town centre forum or similar partnership organisation find out if there is an overlap between their services/ remit.

(Worksheets EN2 Q11; EN3 Q1; S4 also refer to community involvement)

Town does not have a town manager - responsibility devolves to Parish Council. Until MAP was created there was no forum for all people interested in developing the town, increasing visitor numbers, attracting tourists etc. to work together.

Interested parties include – Parish Council, District Council, The Malling Society, Chamber of Commerce

Q 6. What results have there been from any existing town centre management work?

You need to evaluate any results of monitoring and funding reviews, and also identify examples of good practice or ways in which activities could be extended.

There are two main projects:

  • The monthly Farmers’ Market – has been a great success but recently lost some custom
  • The annual Malling Day – started as a “Dickens” event based on recreation of the cricket match from Pickwick Papers, later added a carnival. Has been a great success through various incarnations led by different groups over time – was cancelled last year with financial losses and this year is planned as a smaller event by the Cricket club with support from the Parish Council and local groups