Sub-section 2: Open Spaces Edit

Q 6 Open space

a.Where are there areas of open space?

b.What facilities do they contain? For example, do they have safe play areas and toilets?

c.What activities do they allow? For example, do they allow specific sports only, leisure only, or a mixture?

d.How well are these open areas/facilities used?

e.Which areas or facilities are the most popular?

f.What do people find most attractive about these areas?

g.Which areas of open space need, and get, continued maintenance or protection?

h.Which areas of open space suffer from poor maintenance, litter, graffiti or vandalism?

Include village greens, recreation grounds, parks, country parks, historic parks, common land and local nature reserves

(Worksheets EN1; EN2 also refer to environmental features)

Country Park, Macey’s Meadow, Community Orchard, Banky Meadow.

Q 7 How well does the provision of open space meet the National Playing Fields Association Standard of 2.4 hectares per 1000 population?

Meets standard.

Q 8 Which, if any, residential areas are over 400 metres away from an area of open space?

(Worksheets EN1; EN2;EN3; EC6 Q1; EC7 Q18 also refer to the built environment)

All residential areas are close to open space as this is a rural area.

Q 9 Allotments and settlements

a.Where is space allocated for allotments in the town, and in the surrounding countryside?

b.What is the take up/length of waiting list for them?

c.How many are under-used?

d.Is there a local allotment forum or similar body?

There are allotments in the town; space is allocated by the Parish Council. There are sufficient to meet demand.

Q 10 What are the known threats of loss of open space, parks and allotments, or closure of facilities, due to either development proposals or reduction in budgets?

(Worksheets EN1 Q7,14; EN3 Q4; EC6 Q1,8,9; T1 Q3 also refer to development. Worksheets EC2 Q18; T2 Q11,12; T3 Q16 also refer to local government services)

Concerns about possible development of Banky Meadow but this has been saved from development by community action.