Sub Section: Markets Edit

Q 9 Do the town and surrounding countryside have markets?

If so, What kind (e.g., provision markets, livestock markets, farm shops, farmers' markets, WI markets)? How many? How often? What size?

a.How many of these sell local produce?

b.Which local producers are not represented in local markets?

(Worksheets EN2 Q12,13; EN3 Q5 also refer to the land-based industries)

  • West Malling Farmers Market is in decline

Once a month on Sunday at peak 20-25

Some local produce (Survey 4 of 10)

Business depends on seasons and the weather.

The stalls are allowed to duplicate.

Not advertised as well as it could be

Current discussion

  • Nearest Other Farmers Markets, Headcorn, Lenham, Shipbourne (weekly)
  • Farm Shop in Wrotham, Allington, East Malling

Q10 How often is the general market held?

a.How have the number and type of traders and stalls changed over the last three years?

County Town Maidstone is nearest General Market in surrounding area – Market seems still to be flourishing

Q 11. What are the potential threats to the local provision and/or livestock market?

Look at historic data on number of stalls, turnover levels, throughput, how many people they employed, etc. This will help you to assess any vulnerability to closure

(Worksheets EN2 Q12,13; EN3 Q5 also refer to the land-based industries)

The nearest livestock market is Ashford, it is not likely to close

Q 12. How far away is the nearest abattoir or meat cutting plant

(Worksheets EN2 Q12,13; EN3 Q5 also refer to the land-based industries)


Sub-Section: Looking to the future Edit

Q 13. Are local retailers confident about future trading and the town’s role as a shopping destination?

Find out whether local retailers plan to expand or move to new premises, or if they are concerned about particular constraints on future business. If they have concerns, what are they?

{Worksheets S7; T2 Q12; T3 Q16 also refer to the retail and service sector)

Local retailers are “optimistic” about future trading.

No Butchers, Green Grocers, Shoe Shops, Wet Fish Shop,

Shoppers come to the village for Tesco Metro and the small specialist shops and Services / Restaurants & Pubs plus the Farmer’s Market

Q 14. Are rents for retail premises stable or increasing?

Look at rents over the last three years and compare them over time with competing centres.

Rents are increasing, marginally. W Malling rents cannot be compared with the main shopping centres. There are concerns that if national chains move in they will push up rents e.g. Café Nero

Q 15. In which brochures or other publicity material is the town centre actively promoted as a shopping destination?

The Town is only promoted as a shopping destination in local papers, traders paying for the advertising.

There is a free paper called The Oracle which advertises businesses and some events to the local area.