Worksheet S3: Health and public safety

Sub-section 1: Health and Social Care Edit

Q 1. Doctor and dentist provision:

a.How many doctors and dentists surgeries are there?

b.How do these figures compare with Local Health Authority target levels and local needs?

c.Where are they located?

d.Will any future planned changes to service provision increase or decrease access to doctors and dentists?

e.What transport is there (either public, a suitable community transport scheme, or both) to surgeries from outlying areas?

(Worksheets EN1 Q9; EC7 Q7,15; T1; T2; T3 also refer to public transport)

2 GP practices – West Malling Group Practice with surgeries in West Malling, Kings Hill and Leybourne, 2 in Larkfield (one not accepting new patients): Overall 10 practices within 4 miles of the town.

3 private dental practices – West Malling, Larkfield and Kings Hill, 2 NHS practices in Larkfield and Aylesford: 7 NHS dentists within 4.5 miles of West Malling.

Provision is good compared with rural areas covered by the local PCT Trust.

No changes planned to provision.

Surgeries accessible by public transport.

NHS Choices

Q 2. Clinics:

a.What specialist clinics and out patient clinics are available locally (for example, family planning, drugs and drink advice)?

b.Where are they?

West Malling Group practice provides a wide range of specialist clinics and outpatient clinics.

Practice web site

Q 3. Mobile units:

a.Which local health clinics, doctors and dentists operate mobile service units?

b.What areas do they cover?

c.Are there any plans to increase the coverage by mobile units?

No mobile units in operation, but all surgeries easily accessible by bus and car

Q 4. Non-emergency hospital services

a.How easy is it for residents to get access to non-emergency hospital services as a user or visitor?

b.What services are available?

c.How far away are they?

d.Are they accessible by public transport?

e.Can patients pre-book appointments?

f.What are the waiting times for getting appointments?

g.How long are people on waiting lists?

(Worksheets EN1 Q9; EC7 Q7,15; T1; T2; T3 also refer to public transport)

There are three non-emergency hospitals – Preston Hall, Mid Kent NHS Treatment Centre, and Maidstone Hospital: Maidstone Hospital is accessible by direct bus routes (every 2 hours) and have paid parking.

All are 3.81 miles from West Malling, close to Maidstone.

The NHS Trust has achieved its targets for outpatient waiting times.

Q 5. Home services

a.What social and health care services are available in the home for those needing them (for example, community nurses, health visitors, home help, etc)?

b.What informal support is available for those not using statutory services?

(Worksheets EC7 Q8; T2 Q4,5; T3 also refer to disability issues)

The West Malling Group provides support; additionally Social Services have contracts with local domiciliary care organisations for home help.

Age Concern has a day care centre in the town.

Q 6. Health

a.How do local mortality rates for heart disease, stroke, cancer, suicide and accidents compare with regional and national averages?

b.If they are high, what health service provision is being targeted in these areas?

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust has the best mortality rates in the county and is in the top third of the UK. There was an outbreak of cases of C.Difficile in Maidstone Hospital in 2006 but have declined steadily in 2007.

Mortality rates in the Borough are 93% for males and 89% for females of the level for England & Wales. Kent levels are 97% and 99% respectively. Levels of smoking related deaths are lower than the rest of the area.

Life expectancy in the Borough is higher than the average for Kent.

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust 2007/National Compendium of Clinical & Health Indicators 2005

Q 7. Pollution levels

a.Do background levels of noise, air quality and water quality meet or exceed national standards?

b.Are there any blackspots where national levels are exceeded?

(Worksheets EN1; EN2; EN3; EC7 Q10,17,18 also refer to environmental quality)

The area has higher levels of noise pollution and poorer air quality from being close to the M20 motorway.

No reported issues with water quality problems.

Sub-section 2: Emergency services Edit

Q 8 Response time targets

a.What are the ambulance, police and fire services response time targets?

b.How well are these targets being met?

c.What are the problem areas if targets are not met?

d.What plans are there to improve these?

West Kent is 9th in the worst 20 responding ambulance services with 63.9% of calls arriving in the target of 8 minutes. Plans are in place to improve these attendance times. 2005/6 government survey

Kent Fire and Rescue target of 90% first engines to arrive in 10 minutes. Kent Fire & Rescue is the top performing fire service in the UK. Kent Fire 7 Rescue

Police target to answer 999 calls in 10 seconds and attend if required. Kent Police

No specific problems in the MAP area apart from slow ambulance response times.