Sub-section 3: Employment outlook Edit

Q 11.

i. What are:

The success rates for new business start ups?

The failure rates for new business start ups?

Compare local statistics to the regional and national average, over a five year time period to identify trends

ii. How many specific business closures have there been in the last three years?


There is a marginal increase in business starts in the area. No evidence that business success or failure is better or worse than other parts of the region. 5 High Street businesses have closed in the past three years. These include loss of the Bakery to become an Estate Agents and an Antique Shop that has become a restaurant.

Q 12. How many local firms are planning to expand?

Mainly Kings Hill companies.

Q 13. What economic development/inward investment grants are available?

Identify types of funding, eligibility criteria, sources and amounts available.

The area is not designated for EU grant funding as an area of deprivation. It is also excluded from the Finance for Investment in England funding scheme for businesses moving into the area. Businesses are able to apply for training funding from Train to Gain for first Level 2 and 3 qualifications, and to take advantage of other local LSC/EU training funding with projects supporting Transport, Care, Leisure, Business Services, Social Enterprise sectors. These are available across Kent.