December 2010

Nuvola apps kwrite 8, Wednesday - West Malling WI

MM495 11, Saturday Macey's Meadow - Norman Road, West Malling, Volunteers needed

WMFMsep08 19, Sunday - West Malling Farmers' Market

Malling News


Sun shines bright on Malling Awareness Day, 27 June 2010

On the hottest day of the year so far, well known local retailer, Tim Baldock launched the first Malling Awareness Day – an open showcase for local clubs, organisations and societies to demonstrate their activities and causes. Malling Action Partnership also launched their programme. [2] ...more

News - wider world

Thanet wind farm1

Local enterprise partnership W for Kent, Greater Essex and East Sussex given go-ahead, 28 October [3]

IMG 4998

Kent Green Party delighted by the news that EoN is abandoning its proposed new coal fired power station for Kingsnorth in Kent, 20th October [4]

Abandoned Boat

Government finds Dungeness in Kent not suitable as site for new nuclear power station, due to concerns over the impact of a potential station on important habitat sites [5]


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Leybourne is a small village in Kent, South East England situated off Junction 4 of the M20 Motorway. Leybourne is adjacent to Larkfield and West Malling.

Historically, the area was extensively quarried, leaving a number of flooded gravel pits. These have recently been developed into Leybourne Lakes Country Park, and a housing development.

Amenities Edit

Leybourne has a primary school, pre Norman-conquest church, 13th century castle (dating back to Norman times), hairdressers, shop, newsagent and general store, village hall, pub/restaurant (The Old Rectory) and a Brewers Fayre restaurant and motel.

Leybourne and the neighbouring town of West Malling elect three councillors to Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council. It also has its own Parish Council.

Sport Edit

There are junior football teams aging from Under 6's to Under 18's and also a cricket club for adults and children on the school premises: Leybourne St Peter and St Paul Church of England Primary school (Voluntary aided).

Open spaces Edit

Nearby Leybourne Lakes offer fishing, scenic walking and cycle paths plus water sports such as windsurfing and scuba diving.

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