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Courgette and French beans with pasta Edit

A couple of days ago, later than my neighbours, I picked my first courgette from the garden, plus a few French beans. I made a meal out of this by

slicing the courgette and rubbing with a cut garlic glove each side, frying til just beginning to brown then cutting into cube like pieces

cutting the French beans to small pieces and par boiling fro 5 mins

adding these to a mushroom sauce - mushroom cut into cube like pieces

combining this sauce with some Lumache (like snail shells) pasta, then a bit of cream

option: add some chopped fresh parsley from the garden

Continuing to get lots of fruit from the garden although raspberries finished now. More gooseberries for gooseberry fool. What other puddings can be made from gooseberries?

Choosing local and seasonal food can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

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