Worksheet T3, Part 4 Cycling and walking

Q17. Where are the main foot and cycle paths within the town?

Method Identify the paths available for use by both pedestrians and cyclists, including family groups and the less able-bodied.

Starting points for information

  • County Council
  • Local Transport Plan

Notes (Worksheets EN3 Q6,7; EC7 Q13; S5; S6 also refer to leisure and recreation. Worksheets EN1 Q10; EN3 Q7; EC7 Q13,14 also refer to pedestrian access)

West Malling
  • Most of central and access routes within Town have footpaths
  • No cycle paths


  • Kent Street > Beech Road > Mereworth Woods (no good for wheelchairs)
  • The Street > Willow Wents also unsuitable for wheelchairs
  • No cycle paths


  • No cycle paths
  • Footpaths on main road only and part way down Church Road

Q18. Are there dedicated/segregated cycle routes linking residential areas to the town centre and to local schools?

Method Choose two or three residential areas within 2 miles and describe the route to the town centre and to schools in terms of the:

  • length of journey on dedicated/segregated cycle route
  • length of journey on quiet residential roads
  • length of journey on major roads
  • number of main roads crossed and presence of any *dedicated crossing points
  • where the route is well-lit

Starting points for information

  • Tourist Information
  • County council
  • Library
  • Local survey

Notes (Worksheets EC1 Q6,7; EC3; EC4; S1 Q3 also refer to children and young people)

West Malling
  • Only dedicated cycle path is from Kings Hill to West Malling Station
  • Cycling from other parts of town are along from A20 along Town Hill – High Street or St Leonards St all of which are on either busy and / or fast moving roads
  • CEP School looking for improved cycling routes

Mereworth School

  • Airfield Estate > Mereworth school: No part of journey on dedicated cycle path!
  • Route 1: Via Malling Road and The Street. Footpath along one side of Malling Road then need to cross over, twice, to get to The Street, which has pavement along the whole length on North side only. Malling Road well lit. The Street is not so, about 4 – 5 lamp posts over whole length.
  • Route 2: Via Beech Road, Butcher Lane and The Street. No footpath along Beech Road or Butchers lane, nor any street lighting of significance. Beech Road has a lot of passing traffic, dangerous on foot. Butchers Lane less so.

Airfield Estate to Discovery School, Kings Hill: Cross Malling Road at light controlled crossing, footpaths and mostly cycle paths along remainder of route, through residential area. Most of route very well lit.

Offham: None

Q19. Is it easy for people to walk to/from school?

Method Choose two or three residential areas within a mile of both a primary and secondary school and describe the route in terms of:

  • route length and how long it takes
  • number of main roads crossed and presence of any *dedicated crossing points and/or assistance available

where the route is unlit

Starting points for information

  • Local survey

Notes (Worksheets EC1 Q6,7; EC3; EC4; S1 Q3 also refer to children and young people. Worksheets EC1 Q6,7; EC3; EC4; S1 Q3 also refer to children and young people).

West Malling Primary Schools

CEP – relatively easy walking on footpaths from all but remote parts of town – concern would be is volume and speed of traffic.

CEO is in progress of establishing a Walking Bus – Cycle Proficiency Program & Bike Racks; Parents Waiting Shelter; Improved Drop-Off facilities

RC – rather more remote from Town Centre with lots of traffic going to station and not really well lit



  • Butchers Lane (top) > Mereworth school, 1.2 miles/2km;
  • No footpath in any part of Butchers Lane, The Street has good footpath on Northern side. None of route well lit at all.
  • Fair crossing point at junction of Butchers Lane and The Street.
  • No local secondary school is close by.


  • Walking only easy within village area but there is a traffic congestion hazard
  • Also no street lighting

Q20. What secure cycle parking is there at convenient locations throughout the town?

Method Look, for example, at the railway station, in the main shopping areas, at the bus station, and at schools.

Starting points for information

  • Local survey
MAP AREA - only Public Secure Cycle Parking is on “London Side” of West Malling Station