Worksheet T3, Part 3 Ease of access

Q11. Using signposts only, both as a pedestrian and as a car user, how easy is to find the way from key locations such as the short-stay car park, train station and bus station to the:

  • main shopping street
  • library
  • tourist information centre

Starting points for information

  • Test in person
  • Survey visitors
  • Visitor Surveys conducted by the local Tourist Board
West Malling – It is hard for visitors to locate parking for shopping, attractions, long and short stay parking.

Q12. Are the majority of disabled parking places within 250 metres of the main focal points of the town centre such as the main shopping area?

Method Consider if the routes between parking spaces and focal points easy to access; for example, do they have steep or high curbs? It is probably easiest to identify and plot the area with a 250m radius on a map.

Starting points for information

  • Local survey
  • Local maps

Notes (Worksheets EC7 Q8; S2 Q7,9; S3 Q5 also refer to disability issues)

West Malling – most disabled bays are central to town centre and shops.

Q13. Where is the shop mobility scheme, when is it to open and how many motorised wheelchairs does it have.

Starting points for information Disability Access officer of the district council Internet Research

West Malling – There is no Shop Mobility scheme – although Tonbridge & Malling BC has / had an advisor on this topic

Q14. Do the majority of pedestrian crossings have tactile markings and audible warnings such as pelican crossings?

Starting points for information

  • Local survey

Notes (Worksheets EN1 Q10; EN3 Q7; EC7 Q13,14 also refer to pedestrian access)

West Malling – Has a single pedestrian crossing but with no audible warning

Q15. Are the pavements in good condition and are there dropped kerbs at crossing points?

Starting points for information

  • Local survey
West Malling
  • Not all pavements are in good repair, partly due to vehicles parking on them and causing damage; some of repair work particularly of pavement drainage is really bad.
  • A significant number of dropped kerbs have been installed in last 18 months. A few other dropped kerb areas have been identified.

Q16. Which public buildings and shops have disabled access?

Starting points for information

  • District or county council disability or access officer
  • Local survey

Notes (Worksheets EC7 Q8; S2 Q7,9; S3 Q5 also refer to disability issues. Worksheets EC4 Q2,3; EC5; S7 also refer to retail and service sector)

West Malling
  • Village Hall entrance ramp at front
  • CEP Primary School
  • Age Concern
  • Some shops and C of E Church have temporary ramps available on request