Worksheet T3, Part 2 Car parking

Q9. Parking:

  • How many short and long-term car park spaces (including park and ride), coach parks, off street parking and disabled parking spaces are available?
  • Where are they?
  • How well used are they, and does this vary according to the time/day /season?
  • What restrictions/charges are in place?

Method Compare the number of free spaces at different times/days /seasons (e.g. 11.00am on a weekday, market day and Saturday, and in summer and winter).

Starting points for information

  • Car park operators
  • District Council
  • Survey

Note (Worksheets EN1 Q9; EC7 Q7,16 S7 Q2 also refer to transport access)

West Malling

(table to follow)

  • Car Parking is well used most of day and evening
  • At present restrictions are wait times of an hour on street; 4 hours in car park – No charges at present but survey to be conducted

Q10. Are the majority of short-term parking places within 400 metres of the main shopping area?

Method The easiest method is to set out the 400m area on a map on which you have marked the car parks.

Starting points for information

  • Car park survey
West Malling – most of parking is central to Town Shops