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Purple sprouting broccoli and spaghetti Edit

This is a very traditional dish. It might be getting a little late for purple sprouting but we got a fine selection from Spadework's new farm shop at Offham recently.

Additionally you'll need (for 2 people) half a tin of organic tomatoes, spaghetti, olive oil and optional garlic, paprika and chilli powder.

Wash and prepare the purple sprouting, then par boil for 5 mins. Meanwhile start cooking the spaghetti. In a large pan or wok heat a generous amount of olive oil gently, then add (optional) chopped garlic, paprika and a small quantity of chilli powder. When the purple sprouting is cooked, drain well then add to the tomato sauce and mix in gently. Leave to heat through. When the spaghetti is cooked drain carefully then also mix in with the rest. Best not to add too much spaghetti so's you get a good balance with the other ingredients. Heat through and serve, maybe with parmesan or similar.

Recipe ideas Edit

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