December 2010

Nuvola apps kwrite 8, Wednesday - West Malling WI

MM495 11, Saturday Macey's Meadow - Norman Road, West Malling, Volunteers needed

WMFMsep08 19, Sunday - West Malling Farmers' Market

Malling News


Sun shines bright on Malling Awareness Day, 27 June 2010

On the hottest day of the year so far, well known local retailer, Tim Baldock launched the first Malling Awareness Day – an open showcase for local clubs, organisations and societies to demonstrate their activities and causes. Malling Action Partnership also launched their programme. [2] ...more

News - wider world

Thanet wind farm1

Local enterprise partnership W for Kent, Greater Essex and East Sussex given go-ahead, 28 October [3]

IMG 4998

Kent Green Party delighted by the news that EoN is abandoning its proposed new coal fired power station for Kingsnorth in Kent, 20th October [4]

Abandoned Boat

Government finds Dungeness in Kent not suitable as site for new nuclear power station, due to concerns over the impact of a potential station on important habitat sites [5]


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Addington is a village in the English county of Kent close to the M20 motorway between Wrotham Heath and West Malling. It was known as Eddintune in the Domesday Book. The meaning of Adington is Æddi's (or Eadda's) estate. Addington is notable for Addington long barrow W and the Chestnuts long barrow W, which are Neolithic chamber tombs in the village.

Geography Edit

The parish covers just under 700 acres (2.8 km2) in area with 291 houses. The Addington Brook runs through the parish.

History Edit

Addington can lay claim to be one of the few villages in the country with over 5,000 years of continuous habitation. Addington had two mills at the time of the Domesday survey. There was a watermill powered by the Addington Brook which was demolished in the nineteenth century, the site now lies within West Malling Golf Course. The remains of the old Addington Place (now beneath golf course and stables) were visible up until a few years ago, and traces of the former gardens of Addington Park can still be seen. Rockeries, ponds and old tennis courts, are easily discernible in the private grounds of the Seekers Trust between the church and the golf course. It is rich in Neolithic archaeology, but much archaeological evidence has been lost to the mechanical digger. Some sites were excavated during the building of the motorway.

The Long Barrows Edit

The Chestnuts

The Chestnuts long barrow W is the better preserved of the two. It was excavated in 1957 and artefacts from the dig are displayed in Maidstone Museum. It is believed to lie on a Ley line.

Long Barrow

Addington long barrow W is not as well preserved, with much plunder of the area taking place over the centuries, and a road driven through it.

Addington today Edit

There is one pub, The Angel. There are rumours of a tunnel from the basement to the church, 750 metres (820 yd) away. There is no school in the village, with children attending schools in nearby villages. Addington is partially divided by the M20 & M26 motorways and is scarred on both sides of the motorway with sandpits and quarries, now almost worked out.

The village is home to a cricket club, Addington Village Cricket Club, which has two Saturday teams and a 1st XI in Division 4 of the Kent League (1st XI).

Transport Edit

Addington is served by bus routes 58, 70 and 222. The nearest railway stations are Borough Green and West Malling, on the Maidstone East line.

Take a tour Edit

Google Street View gives you 360° degree images of public streets.

To access a Google Street View of Addington Green click here

To move the view, move your mouse pointer to click on the arrow toward the centre of the picture, or drag and drop the yellow man icon to a different place on the map. ...more about Google Street View.

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