Worksheet T2, Part 2 Alternatives to private cars and public transport

Q 9. What car clubs or travel share schemes are there?

Starting points for information

  • County Council
  • Bus operators
  • Rural Transport Partnerships

Q 10. Are there safe, off-road cycle routes between the town and villages?

Starting points for information

  • Tourist information
  • Town web site
  • Library
There is a lack of safe cycling paths

Q 11. Which public services are available on-line and where can they be accessed?

Starting points for information

  • Internet (search for all the public service providers, eg, local health trust, education authority, district council)
  • Local survey of public internet access points

Note (Worksheets EC2 Q18; S2 Q5; S4; S5 Q10; S7 Q6 also refer to local government services)

KCC – All services

TMBC – All services

NHS Trusts – Most services

Public Access Internet – West Malling Library and most larger surrounding branch libraries

Q.12. What mobile services are available in the villages?

Method Look, for example, at local fruit and vegetable delivery box schemes, mobile shop(s), libraries, and meals on wheels services

Starting points for information

  • Library
  • Local council
Mereworth Meals on wheels, Mobile Library, Seasonal vegetable and fruit boxes delivered from local franchises/suppliers.

Offham: Library; Supermarket deliveries

East Malling, Kings Hill have their own shops and access to supermarkets